The following details provide an indication of the types of project and programmes undertaken.

Contracted as EMC Consultant for design and qualification of a companies products and systems covering:
IED Countermeasures/ECM/Force Protection systems and installations.
Crypto products.

Special Projects: EMC design, installation guidance and qualification of "discreet" secure operations vehicle installations and Special Forces Platforms.

TEMPEST and rugged IT products development, CESG accredited test facility management, TEMPEST qualification of CESG approved IA products. Subcontracted as TEMPEST Subject Matter Expert (SME) and qualification testing for:
  • Lockheed Martin UK - LEAPP programme
  • THALES - Watchkeeper UAV programme
  • THALES - Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft Secure Communications
  • Astrium - Galileo Project
  • Astrium - Skynet V Reacher platforms
  • Raytheon - ASTOR Ground Segment
EMC & TEMPEST Control Officer and qualification manager for CORMORANT (Theatre Wide Area Communications Network)

Qualification & Verification Team Leader for BOWMAN Crypto Modules.

Accredited TEMPEST and EMC Test Facility Manager.

Company EMC & TEMPEST Control Officer covering crypto products; BRENT, THAMER, SHELLEYAN, ALBERCOR

Advisor for analysis of protection of ship systems to Non-Nuclear EMP (NNEMP) threats.

Associate to major UK Systems & Engineering Technology organisation.

Consultant for installation of Channel Tunnel data communications

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